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‘We Will Rest Forever In The Fields Of The Lord’ by Raising Holy SparksFor @arjengrolleman. Four years tonight. Rest in peace in the fields.
Hah! Found a Norwegian manuscript poster in my hand-me-down lexicon. This will look nice in my study.

Calendar with weekdays, feastdays, and St. Olav Axes.
"MS in Norwegian on walrus bone or reindeer horn, Norway, ca. 15th c., 6 ff., 3x14 cm, single column, (2x14 cm), 1 line in runes of the younger futhark, 93 feastday symbols in a rather early primitive stage, including the 2 St. Olav axes.
Binding: Norway, ca. 15th c., walrus bone or reindeer horn covers, fastened with 2 leather straps through holes.
Commentary: The 2 St. Olav axes, 29 July and 3 August, represent the most conclusive evidence of Norwegian origin. Calendars in bookform on bone are of the utmost rarity. This is the only specimen in private hands. Runes are normally used for weekdays and golden numbers in Swedish calendars. In Norway they occur very rarely.”  (via)

Vittorio Sella, Siniolchu from the Zemu Glacier, Sikkim, India, 1899.


The Church of the Redeemer (1035 AD), Ani, Kars Province by tigran asatrjan

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The photo is by Margret Netherworld which I found on Bored Panda (the website).

Cloudscape #43: Winter Solstice 2013 by Evening Of Light on Mixcloud

Blister Copper form of Chalcopyrite from Cornwall, England, Europe. Blister copper is a porous brittle form of copper, about 98 - 99.5% pure and produced in an intermediate stage of copper refining